Ultra-Fab Products

Ultra-Fab Products, Inc., operates its business with a very simple, yet highly meaningful creed: “RVing is meant to be enjoyable . . . We’re making it that way!”

Co-owned by brothers Craig Searer (president) and Darryl Searer (CEO) and based in Elkhart, Ind., Ultra-Fab began in 1958 as a metal fabricator and producer of products for other companies, but its direction changed in 1991 when it expanded into its own product lines and brand names to accommodate the RV and trailer industry.

Combined, the Searer brothers have more than 65 years of experience in the RV industry, and Darryl, who has 40-plus years in the RV arena, was recently inducted into the RV Hall of Fame.

Other key veteran members of the Ultra-Fab staff include Brian Allred, vice president of sales and marketing (25 years); Dave Busch, vice president of operations (20 years); and Chad Vannauker, national sales manager (20-plus years). The experience among the leadership of Ultra-Fab runs the gamut, including and not limited to that of suppliers, dealers, distributors, OEM and banking. In fact, Busch spent 10 years as a bank senior vice president, financing many in the RV industry.

So it’s no wonder that Ultra-Fab produces innovative products that enhance reliability, convenience, savings and comfort within the RV, cargo, horse and specialty trailer industry. Basically, Ultra-Fab products lift, level, stabilize, move and tow, servicing the OEM and aftermarket with jacks, stabilizers, wheel chocks, wind deflectors, generators and tow dollies.

But quite likely, according to Allred, “We are best known for our biggest sellers, the electric tongue jacks and kingpin stabilizers. We have seven different models of tongue jacks and three different models of kingpin stabilizers and they are clearly our best known and best sellers.”

Although Ultra-Fab does not sell directly to the consumers, or end-users in the RV market, it does have a dealer network that encompasses more than 70 percent of the RV dealers in the United States.

Perhaps the key to its ongoing success, according to Allred, is its support of these dealers and, ultimately, the end-users who rely on Ultra-Fab products and the company’s commitment to stand behind its products, no questions asked.

“Customer service is something we have a no-hassle approach to,” Allred explained. “We’ve been that way since Craig and Darryl bought the company. And that’s probably one of the biggest things, along with the quality of our complete product lines, that makes us so attractive to the dealers and their customers. The dealers know they can rely on us because we stand behind everything we manufacture and sell to them.”

To further substantiate the company line, however, one needs only to peruse the RV.Net website’s RV Forum pages to see the positive feedback from the ultimate consumers who have purchased Ultra-Fab products through its dealership network.

Some comments include:

  • “Ultra-Fab service and support is top notch.”
  • I had to replace the up/down switch on my UF jack and they sent me a new switch and waterproof cover for the entire jack, even though mine was out of warranty.”
  • “I use the Ultra-Fab 3500 (electric tongue jack) and it has performed very well. Their customer service is second to none.”
  • “(I) finally installed my reman(ufactured) UF3502! Why didn’t I buy this two trailers ago! Best $100 I have spent for the TT!”

Those are just a few samples of the more than eight pages of comments regarding Ultra-Fab and its products on the RV.Net website

But moreover, as far as its dealers are concerned, Ultra-Fab is very aggressive in advertising and promoting the sales of its products not only to the dealers but to the end-users though various RV and camping publications as well.
As Allred emphatically said, “We always strive to build quality products at a reasonable price. And when it comes to lifting, leveling and stabilizing, we believe we have the broadest line of anybody out there in the RV marketplace.
“Our ultimate goal has always been and will continue to be our desire to enhance the RV experience of the end-users when he buys his fifth wheel, or travel trailer. We make the things that he can add to his trailer that can make it more enjoyable. Basically, everything we do, everything we make is simply to make the RV experience more enjoyable for them, whether its electric tongue jacks, stabilizers or other accessories that will only help them enjoy the RV experience even more.”

For more information about Ultra-Fab and its complete product line, visit www.ultra-fab.com or call 1-800-860-7571.